Bathroom Designs to Help Conserve Water

Posted by on Feb 13, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Reports claim that 2011 was the driest 12-month period on record for both England and Wales. Water conservation has become a necessity for all households across the UK, and bathroom designs incorporating water saving tactics are the responsible way to renovate.

Showers Save Water

Simple Glass Shower Screen

We all love to relax in a deep bath, letting the stresses of life soak away in soothing warmth. But did you know that showers can cut your water usage by 55 percent?

Investing in a bath with a glass shower screen provides you the opportunity for both. And modern glass shower screens can be retrofitted onto your existing bath for less than £200. Add a stylish shower kit in chrome for a simple and sleek way to save water this year.

Consider Smaller Baths

Corner tubs add a certain amount of luxury and beauty to your new bathroom. But would you be just as happy with a smaller bath to help reduce the amount of water used each time you enjoy a good soak?

The average person used about 80 litres of water during a bath. With smaller tubs, that overfill can be diminished considerably. And many bath manufacturers offer smaller sized tubs in beautiful designs that will enhance your bathroom just as a larger model would.

Cloakroom Fix Ups

You may be wasting water in the cloakroom as well, running excess H20 through the tap. Buy a new press tap that allows you and your family to use a shorter flow of water for hand washing and other quick washing up tasks.

A flow restrictor is supplied with most bathroom taps, although it’s not always installed or used in the proper way. Flow restrictors can be set for a certain flow rate, cutting back the water that moves through any tap and helping reduce waste in the cloakroom. If you’re not sure whether the flow restrictor has been installed or set in your tap, it’s only a matter of purchasing a brand new basin tap and ensuring that component is fitted during installation.

Renovating your bathroom may be the perfect way to help conserve water in the UK. Put in a beautiful new shower, or opt for that curvy small bath instead of the massive model. Update your cloakroom taps and install the flow restrictor to save on your water bills, as well as do your part for water conservation this year.