Can Your Toilet Set the Mood in Your Bath?

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Bathroom renovations tend to centre on new décor, fresh colours and modern showers and baths. But the toilet remains an unsung hero in the bathroom, and may be able to add the perfect amount of pizzazz to your space. Consider the new models and unique designs available in today’s market.

Various Toilet Designs

Attractive modern close coupled toilet

Most bathrooms are fitted with close coupled toilets, a traditional design that provides dependable operation for an affordable price. Although only basic designs were available in the past, contemporary styles include square seats and elongated bases for a stark statement in the bathroom.

For a sleek look ask your bathroom retailer about back to wall toilets, featuring a minimal style with a hidden cistern. The base of this toilet reaches the floor and works best in larger spaces. Bathrooms fitted with a back to wall toilet require adequate spacing behind the wall for the cistern and plumbing.

Wall hung toilets present optimum modern appeal, mounted onto a support frame and creating a clutter-free atmosphere in your bathroom. This toilet style may cost a little more than other models, but the finished look is distinct and fits into a modern bathroom remodel perfectly.

Upgrading to a dual-flush valve toilet can result in water conservation, as long as the toilet is well maintained. Toilets with a siphon flush may be fitted with a special inlet valve that delays cistern refilling to reduce water wastage. Find sleek and stylish new models designed with these innovative solutions for a truly cutting edge bathroom.

Toilets for Cloakrooms

Cloakrooms present a design challenge, with less floor space and more limitations in terms of layout. Many attractive modern models fit into small spaces, ranging in size and made with a bright white finish. Measure the projection distance and purchase a smaller toilet that hugs the wall for a functional layout in this tight, but all-important room. Models that project 620mm to 640mm from the wall are best.

All of the features in your bathroom come together to create an atmosphere and style that reflects your tastes. When planning for your renovation remember that even the lowly toilet can help transform your dated bathroom into a fresh, modern space.