Capturing the Look of an Industrial Bathroom Design

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Trendy designers have fallen for the stark look of industrial bathroom design, heavy on metals and large scale tiles to create a feeling of vast space even in tight quarters. You can achieve this look in your own bathroom with wall treatments and bathroom fixtures that mimic the look of urban areas and create a steampunk feel.

Lauren freestanding bath

Wall Treatments

Concrete or cinder blocks work exceptionally well in this type of bathroom design. When you’re redecorating, as opposed to renovating, adding concrete is not an option. Try faux paint treatments or choose plain tiles (porcelain works well) in the same size as cinder blocks. Arrange them in an alternating pattern to transform a standard wall to fit this modern theme.

Metal provides the main colour scheme of this bathroom design. Corrugated metal panels and sheets can be mounted to your walls for a fantastic industrial effect. Use this for an accent wall or to create a backsplash around your freestanding bath. Longer fasteners and mounting brackets allow you to hang the necessities, providing function and form.

Rough plaster walls tinted in grey tones also mimic the look of concrete without the weight. Apply to your walls or ceiling to create the texture and character of concrete.

Bathroom Fixtures and Furniture

A traditional bath and basin could fit well into an industrial bathroom design, provided the setting worked. However some fixtures take the design theme even farther, and provide the shape and feel of contemporary urban design.

The Lauren freestanding bath (pictured above) is simple and echoes the shape of industrial vats. While you want to avoid transforming your bathroom into a factory floor, the lines and scale of this bath work very well for our design. Standing alone as the focal point, with tall, square taps in a matte finish for contrast, this bath tub adds a gentle feel to your industrial bathroom.

Bauhaus Edge in steel

Bathroom furniture in angular shapes and stark colours also add detail to this design. The Bauhaus Edge collection in steel offers the ideal combination, with vanity mirrors and basin consoles for bathrooms of any size. Plain or bevelled tempered glass can also be used for shelving and under basins, allowing for good light distribution.

Your industrial bathroom design should include bare walls and stark shapes, with rough textures that echo concrete, metal and glass. Invest in a contemporary bath as a focal point and look for bathroom furniture that captures an urban essence. This trendy style will work well in a modern bathroom or cloak room.