How to Add Comfort and Heating to Your Bathroom

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Create the highest levels of comfort in your bathroom with quality fixtures and features from top name brands. From freestanding baths to frameless showers and contemporary toilets, each component of your bathroom plays an important role in function and style. But should also consider heat in the rush to design your ideal bathroom– this essential element transforms a beautiful bathroom into a cozy space.

Palero Wave radiator

Radiators You Can Admire

Today’s radiators provide much more than simple function. Vertical designer units from brands such as Hudson Reed present an attractive shape and distinct style, along with waves of soothing warmth.

Look for modern designs in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, including the Palero Wave pictured here. These units are wall-mounted and heat up bathrooms of nearly any size. As long as your home uses hot water central heating, these units provide an efficient and attractive way to dress up your bathroom with a warmer atmosphere.

Heated Towel Rails

While contemporary radiators work wonders when heating your bathroom, specially designed towel rails deliver added measures of comfort. Imagine emerging from your shower and reaching for a towel, magically warmed and dried thanks to your sleek towel rail. These features create a higher level of luxury in any bathroom, from the guest’s bath to your master suite.

Look for heated towel rails from a variety of manufacturers, available in different sizes, shapes and styles. Modern designs remain the most popular, adding a sharp accent in your bathroom. Chrome and black finishes work well with both square and round rails in varying designs.

Valves and Installation

Most radiators and heated towel rails come with mounting hardware or fixing kits. You’ll need to purchase the proper valves and hook the unit up to your central heating system. Call a local plumber to handle the job, or consider DIY if you have the experience and tools on hand.

Upgrade your existing radiators with beautiful, contemporary units that add ambiance and flavour to your home décor. Use heated towel rails for added luxury and pampering, and have your plumber install the units to ensure peak performance.