How Your Bathroom Refurbishment Increases Home Value

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Upgrading the decor, fixtures and features of your bathroom adds value to your home, as well as to improving everyday living. A bathroom refurbishment costs less than a full-scale renovation, and when done right, a refurbishment provides your family with a fresh, comfortable new space.

Ariane cloakroom vanity

Must-Have Elements of a Bathroom Refurb

Refurbishments use the existing structure and layout. This home improvement project costs less and requires fewer specialized skills when compared to full scale renovations. Plumbing and basic redecorating work make up the bulk of this project, although some ambitious homeowners add a window or skylight to the room for more natural light.

Common plumbing elements include changing the taps, basins and baths to give the area a fresh look or replace aging bathroom fixtures. Rip out your old bath and install a beautiful freestanding bath to modernize your main bathroom. Or clear up that clutter in the cloakroom with a space-saving cloakroom vanity. Your home value increases with the installation of new bathroom fixtures.

Redecorating or refinishing the walls, flooring and cabinetry can also transform a dreary space in a short time, and with a small budget. Put a new coat of paint on the walls, or spice up the current colour with a border, stencil or paint technique. Try painting one wall in a bold or bright tone, offset by white trim and neutrals on the other walls.

Replace dark wood trim with something fresh and contemporary, such as glossy white mouldings. Mosaic tiles work well in the shower, but can also create a gorgeous backsplash behind the basin. Use neutral tiles in smaller bathrooms and add coloured or patterned tiles for accents. Larger bathrooms allow for bright tiles or bold patterns, although it depends on your tastes and the style of your home.

Boost Home Value With Quality Materials

Home improvement projects are primarily completed to cater to the homeowner. Property values will increase, especially when top quality products are installed by professional contractors. Low end bathroom fixtures, furniture and building materials may look good for a few months, but the overall lack of quality will quickly appear, detracting from the home value.

Look for bargains and sale items at your favourite bathroom retailers. You should be able to nab big brands and designer styles at reasonable prices, ensuring the pottery, bath and shower in your bathroom refurbishment provides an attractive, valuable finish.