Lighting Designs to Flatter Your Bath

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Although major bathroom features like roll top baths, frameless shower enclosures and modern basins tend to set the theme in your bathroom, smaller design elements like wall colours and lighting bring everything together. Set the perfect mood with lighting design to flatter your bath and create a functional, relaxing space.

Gentiana Corner Bath

Consider the Location

Good lighting design illuminates the area without creating deep shadows or any overpowering glare. This is especially challenging in a bathroom, since some areas need to be well lit – your vanity, for example – and others can be partially shadowed.

Depending on where your bath is located, you may need to add lighting or redirect the existing features.

Many bathroom designs place a freestanding bath near the windows, providing exceptional levels of natural light during the day. This set up still requires some additional lighting, unless you plan to limit the use of your bath to daylight hours. Think about wall sconces that mimic the window location or opt for overhead lights, but be sure to use a blank wall for reflection, diffusing the light for a more natural effect.

Other bathroom layouts tuck a showerbath into the corner, creating angled shadows and an impractical space for bathing. Incorporate waterproof recessed lighting overhead to dispel those shadows and allow for an enjoyable shower or bath at any time of the day.

Lighting Styles

The ideal fixture styles depend on your bathroom theme. Retro or Victorian baths look fabulous with chandeliers, wall-mounted lanterns and gothic period fixtures, while modern themes call for hidden lights and sleek surfaces.

Your décor also influences lighting location. Contemporary bathroom décor looks best with fixtures that blend into the major features, such as lighting tucked around the framed mirror or recessed into the walls and ceiling. Traditional bathrooms allow for greater flexibility, and light fixtures can become works of art. Think about the colour and shape of your fixtures and light bulbs, ensuring they suit the overall theme.

Highlight the focal point of your bathroom by lighting up your bath. Whether you have a traditional clawfoot bath, a stylish modern roll top bath or a built in corner bath surrounded by classic tile, this important area of the room needs to be well lit up.