Make Fantastic Use of Small Space With a Corner Bath

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Avocado Corner Bath

Are you puzzled or frustrated, trying to design a small bath that includes the features and fixtures that you need? Get more from your limited space by using every square metre. A corner bath is the ideal way to transform a lonely part of your bath into an oasis. Browse the available styles, opt for the required size and look forward to the fully functional bath you deserve.

How Can a Corner Bath Save Space?

Not all corner baths are designed to maximize floor space. In your master bath and other areas where space is not at a premium, a massive corner bath captures the spirit of indulgence. But you’ll also find plenty of models that use subtle shapes and brilliant design to squeeze a full bath into a limited area.

The Avocado corner bath presents a teardrop shape tapered at the floor to reduce the bath footprint. Available in both right and left variations, this model works well with wall-mounted taps in any finish. Solid gleaming white cast acrylic provides a low maintenance feature in your new bath.

The Avocado corner bath comes in either 150cm x 75cm or a slightly longer 160cm x 75cm model. Installing a bath panel is wise and, with the right fixtures and bath accessories, allows for the possibility of a shower.

Macaw Offset Corner Bath

The Traditional Corner Bath

If you have your heart set on a more traditional look consider the Heron small corner bath. This cast acrylic model measures 120cm x 120cm and uses a smooth crescent shape to minimise bulk.

Have a look at the Macaw Offset corner bath, a model available in both left and right variations measuring 150cm x 100cm. It doesn’t offer the convenient soaker seat of the Heron small corner bath, but the Macaw model can be easily transformed into a shower using the manufacturer’s Universal Shower Screen.

Who says beautiful and extraordinary features must be left out of small bathrooms? Consider installing a corner bath designed to maximise space without eliminating style and comfort. Reputable bath retailers offer a range of models, including the Avocado, Heron and Macaw corner baths specifically made for small spaces. Browse the selection and upgrade your small bathroom today.