Make Waves in Bathroom Design With Gentle Curves and Arches

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Waves create a sense of serenity and soothing movement that helps to wash away stress. And including gentle curves and arches in your bathroom design brings a wavy mood right into your home. It’s best to underplay the shape, but combining the features below will produce a stunning bathroom design.

Loreley roll top bath

Roll Top Bath

Curvy baths come in a wide variety of styles and configurations. Install a corner bath with a curved seat inset into the acrylic for a luxurious ensuite bathroom. Or opt for something truly striking in your main bathroom and install a roll top bath.

This contemporary design takes the traditional clawfoot tub and transforms it into a modern focal point. One of our favourites is the Loreley roll top bath, sporting bulky chrome legs and smooth curves across every surface. Affordable and durable, this product delivers excellent performance in a family bathroom.

Curvy Taps

Lynette 4-hole tap

Many modern taps come in a curved shape, but only a select few provide the silky waves we want in this bathroom design. Look for a set with a curved neck and rounded edges, such as the cylinder shape of the Lynette bath taps. This set, available in 3-hole, 4-hole and wall mount, has a masculine feel that works well in sparse designs but also adds detail to traditional décor.

Aerial pedestal basin

Pedestal Basins

Although rectangular basins remain popular, you’ll find a wide range of arched and curvy pedestal basins at your local bathroom retailer. Pedestal styles help to maintain an airy feeling in the room, perfect for that fresh sense of waves and open spaces. Look for an oval basin to fit with your bathroom, such as the Aerial pedestal basin seen here, available in both small and large sizes.

Borealis twin lighting

Lighting and Accessories

Remember to include curves in the smaller details of your bathroom design, including light fixtures and accessories. Glass jars are ideal for storing toiletries in an attractive manner, and curved picture frames, trays and vanity handles add an extra dash of special in your bathroom.

Look at simple lighting with a subtle circular shape, like the Borealis fixture. This versatile lighting comes with a single fixture, twin or multiple fixtures. Bulbs with a soft bubble shape stand out from the oval mount, fitting in well with the other curvy features outlined above.

Create a serene bathroom design with curvy features and gentle arches. Check out your favourite bathroom retailer for a selection of must have items for your beautiful bathroom.