Phoenix Legato Bath + Surround- (white) 1800mm x 900mm

Phoenix Legato is a unique style bath which gives individuality to any bathroom. It is a back to wall bath with a front panel, which is a convenient and practical solution for small bathrooms.
Phoenix Legato bath range is well designed and comes with a long lasting reliability that is associated with the brand. This is a large bath from Phoenix which has angled corners, giving it a hexagonal shape. Its back flat panel means that the bath is supposed to be placed against a wall. Back to wall baths like these have an advantage over the freestanding ones because it uses little space, thus leaving more space in the bathroom. You can place a back to wall bath against any bathroom wall. It is good for small bathrooms where space is a limitation. Also, it is easier to clean as one side is against the wall.
Phoenix Legato is a high quality product which will look good in any modern bathroom. Taps are not supplied with the bath which gives the consumers an option of choosing taps of their own choice. Additionally, the bath does not have pre drilled tap holes. The bath includes a white wrap around front panel.
This is a large bath which measures 180 cm long and 60 cm in height. The capacity of the bath is 200 liters.
• Back to wall bath, which can be placed against any bathroom wall; practical solution for small bathrooms
• Hexagonal shape with angled corners and flat back panel
• Dimensions: L 180 cm x W 90 cm x H 60 cm x D 45 cm
• Capacity: 200 Liters
• Colour: white
• Front Panel is included
• Taps are not included
• No pre drilled tap holes in the bath
• 25 years manufacturers warranty