Should You Install a Vanity in Your Bathroom or Not?

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Modern design is sleek and simple, baring clean lines and creating space… or at least the look of space. So how does that shape up when designing your new bathroom? Should you include a vanity under that basin or opt for a pedestal? Or would a wall hung basin be more contemporary?

The answer is entirely up to your tastes, although certain styles fit into a modern bathroom better than others.

Stunning Wall Hung Basin

Benefits of Wall Hung Basins

Especially sharp in your cloakroom, wall hung basins are simply that – hung on the wall to create space underneath. Many new designs feature wider basins in rectangular or oblong shapes, drawing the view out along the wall and seeming less obtrusive as a result.

Make sure your new wall hung basin includes an attractive bottle trap, since the area underneath the basin is entirely open. Wall hung designs allow for easier cleaning in the bathroom and help to capture that sparse modern appeal.

Basin Stands and Pedestals

For those who are weary of vanities, but not yet convinced that wall hung designs fit their style, basin stands and pedestals are excellent options.

Basin stands can be made from natural stone, wood or cast metal, and offer the support your basin needs without the bulk of a vanity. They may or may not come with shelving incorporated into the design, and can be custom made to suit your unique basin.

Pedestal models borrow from the traditional French style of bath pottery, and work perfectly to conceal unattractive pipes and plumbing. Full pedestals are very reasonably priced and add a touch of classic appeal to your modern bathroom.

What About Vanities?

A Bathroom Vanity With Style

Today’s vanities resemble heirloom furniture more than the simple white cabinetry of past decades. Look for a vanity with character in the finish and shape you prefer. From short and squat vanities to tall and elaborate styles, quality bathroom retailers offer a full range of bathroom furniture that provides the storage space you want with the feel your new bathroom needs.

Designing a modern bathroom means paring down to smooth textures and eliminating clutter. The right vanity can help you achieve that look. But if vanities are not your style, browse through basin options such as wall hung, basin stands and pedestals.