Tiles Create Victorian Glam in a Modern Bathroom

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Are you caught up in the drama of Downton Abbey or entranced with period films and novels? While the modern home is designed with precise angles and plenty of space, a Victorian home displayed glam and glitz in not altogether understated fashion. Now you can bring a bit of that drama into your contemporary home with tiles made to evoke the Victorian style, formed and offered right here in the UK.

Why Tiles?

Modern baths, basins and toilets keep this room tidy and up to date. Adding period bathroom fixtures probably doesn’t make sense to many homeowners, unless those pieces are extremely well cared for.

Other Victorian décor elements may end up overwhelming the space, such as patterned wallpaper or bulky furniture. Tiles, whether used on the walls, as flooring or within the shower stall, create a clean surface with echoes of a bygone era. Paired with a few well-chosen art pieces, these building materials weld together the drama of yesterday and the sleekness of today.

Subtle Colours

The Chelsworth line of bathroom tiles at Fired Earth cast a Victorian spell on modern bathrooms. Floral sketches lightly painted in endearing pastels work exceptionally well in neutral schemes. Consider one of the larger tile panels for a unique focal point – available in 4 tiles, 6 tiles and 12 tiles, as well as grand 36-tile and 72-tile mosaics.

Dress up the shower wall behind that frameless glass enclosure. Or use one of the tile panel sets as a trompe l’oeil. Surrounded by wood trim these tiles resemble a small window with a view, ideal for small flats or ensuites.

Border tiles also add a splash of colour in contemporary baths, and the right pattern brings the Victorian era to mind. An echo of the past is all you need for today’s bathroom, striking a perfect balance between the needs of modern life and the styles of the past.

Homebase sells a line of tiles inspired by the Victoria & Albert Museum, including the beautiful V&A Baroque tile. Ideal to set at chair rail height or installed around the vanity, this small tile gives your new bathroom a hint of drama without overtaking today’s tastes.

Think about how tiles can help bring Victorian glam into the modern bathroom. A touch of grace, a wink in honour and a splash of patterns are all easy to achieve with a few well-placed tiles in your new bathroom.