Top Five Cheap Bathroom Storage Solutions

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Bathroom storage provides the space you need for those essential towels, toiletries and other bathroom items. But not all storage additions require a bathroom redesign or renovation. Take a look at these top five cheap bathroom storage solutions – some can be found at your local bathroom retailer, while others repurpose household items in creative ways.

Mirror cabinet in beech

Mirror and Cabinet Combo

Modern bathrooms look best with streamlined fixtures and furniture, which makes this mirror and cabinet combo an excellent choice. Perfect for the cloakroom or family bath, this mirror also has built in lighting for make up application and shaving. Keep all of your smaller toiletries in the side cabinet (available on either side and in various finishes), measuring 200mm wide by 705mm high and 133mm deep.

Ladder Towel Rack

Look beyond that expensive hanging towel rack and get creative. Find a small ladder with some character (bamboo ladders or those with a shabby chic finish look fantastic) and simply lean it up against the wall. Each rung can hold a towel, and wider rungs can be used to display decorative items, such as candles or picture frames. Fasten the ladder at the floor with a simple bracket to provide more stability.

Labelled Storage Caddies

Especially helpful in a family bathroom, storage cabbies can be used to organize personal items like deodorant, shampoo, special soaps and other grooming essentials. We like wire mesh caddies, with an engraved metal tag affixed to the front for easy reference. Tap into your own tastes and look for a collection of storage caddies that fit your needs. Colour coordinate or label the caddies with each person’s name to achieve optimum organization.

Ariane tall wall unit

Narrow Wall Unit

Priced right and ultra functional, narrow wall units provide concealed shelving for bathrooms of any size. Mount these cabinets in awkward corners, beside the toilet or flanking a mirror for excellent storage capabilities at a fraction of the cost of full bathroom cabinets. A wide variety of manufacturers offer wall units in various sizes, but this tall model (measuring 300mm wide by 1200mm high) is one of our favourites due the versatile design and shape.

Plant Stands

Do you have an unused corner in the bathroom, or a small amount of available floor space? Think about fitting an old plant stand with attractive wash basins or buckets, perfect for stashing extra towels, toilet rolls and soaps. Add a few plants where applicable, and you have a beautiful place for impromptu, casual bathroom storage.